Once upon a time, all of the Manghat we know, was in Kunissery. From there, Damodaran Nair and Kunjiraman Nair purchased paddy land in Vanoor, Alathur. They also purchased the Kavalappara Kottaram at Vanoor from the Kavalapara Nair Tharavad. Some members of the family moved over to Vanoor.

At some point, a partition took place of various properties. Madhavi Amma and Meenakshi Amma were given the Vanoor properties and they continued to stay there for some time. Others of the family moved back to Kunissery. In Kunissery during this time, the house was a “Nalukettu”; this was repaired and family members (Kunjukutty Amma (and her family), Lakshmikutty Amma, Govindankutty Nair) settled down there.

Kongot Nagappan Nair and his family stayed at the Nalukettu until the time of the partition of some of the Kunissery property between Madhavi Amma and Meenakshi Amma at which time Nagappan Nair decided to resettle in Mannapra.

After staying at Vanoor for sometime Madhavi Amma’s and Meenakshi Amma’s families moved back to Kunissery. They stayed at Olassary Kalam (Theke Thara) for rent whilst the Manghat Pathayapura was being built.

Ammalu and Damodaran were born to Manghat Nanikutty Amma and Kongot Nagappan Nair in Vanoor.

When the partition took place between Madhavi Amma and Meenakshi Amma of the properties at Vanoor, Madhavi Amma got all of the Vanoor land and a portion of the land at Kunissery. Meenakshi Amma took the land at Kunissery.

The Manghat Pathayapura at Kunissery was also partitioned into two. One part went to Madhavi Amma and the other to Meenakshi Amma. After the partition both sisters continued to stay at the Pathayapura.

Damodaran Nair and Kunjiraman Nair were respectively the District Collector and the District Registrar for Calicut in which city they continued to live until they both died at a young age. Neither took part in the partition.

After moving back to Kunissery, Madhavi Amma and family sold the Kavalappara Kottaram back to the Kavalappara Nairs.

There exists today a banyan tree in Vanoor under which there is a Bhagavathi shrine. At the annual “paalkindi” festival conducted there, tradition has it that someone from the Manghat family must put the first Dakshina to commence festivities.

At about the time that their son Krishnan was born, Kongot Nagappan Nair moved his family to Mannapra. Every year, part of the harvest from Kunissery was sent to Mannapra to defray the expenses of the Mannapra establishment. Govindankutty Nair supervised the paddy cultivation in Kunissery. Lakshmikutty Amma and Govindankutty Nair stayed at Kunissery. After a few years, about ninety years ago, Govindankutty Nair resettled in Mannapra. Thereafter, the management of land at Kunissery was vested in Lakshmanan Nair.

In Kunissery, partition of the paddy fields took place between Lakshmikutty Amma, Kunjukutty Amma and Govindankutty Nair. Kunjukutty Amma’s portion was looked after by Lakshmikutty Amma and family for around two years.

Just after his daughter Kalyanikutty’s marriage, Nagappan Nair suffered a financial crisis which resulted in the Mannapra side requesting the remaining family in Kunnisery to purchase the portion of the land holdings which until then belonged to the Mannapra family. Lakshmikutty Amma bought this portion. Govindankutty Nair however kept his one acre portion and was given his harvest proceeds by his tenant farmer until the Land Enactment Act in 1958 whereafter the tenant deposited the sum in court in exchange for the temporary transfer of property. At this point, complete separation of the Kunissery and Mannapra lands took place.

When he resettled in Mannapra, Govindankutty Nair became a teacher at Puthukkode Malpa School. Before and after school time, he used to assist Nagappan Nair in the latter’s duties as Adhikari.

Nagappan Nair bought the Mannapra house from an oil grinder and renovated the house to its present condition. The renovations at that time cost Rupees 200. He could not stay in Kongot house because his family was too large.

On Kongot Nagappan Nair’s family: the first born was Sreedevi Amma. Nanikutty Amma then suffered a miscarriage. After that Damodaran was born.

Sreedevi (Ammalu) was sent back to Manghat house by her husband after the birth of Kunjiraman and she died at home at the age of between 22 and 25 when her son Kunjiraman was about 2 years old.

Govindankutty Nair married Kongot Lakshmikutty Amma. Her father was a Brahmin. Her mother, after her birth, married a District Judge in Trivandrum (he was from Kothananth House). Kongot Lakshmikutty Amma’s mother’s subsequent children were from that husband. Govindankutty Nair had no children.

Padur Swami Temple, is our “kavu”. Kunisseri Pookkulankara Bhagavati is our “ishta devata”.